We make it seamless for our clients
to break the old paradigm of centralized consensus...

Techbit Technologies creates enterprise solutions to help clients leverage the strength of blockchain technology for their businesses. We make it seamless for our clients to break the old paradigm of a centralized consensus and replace it with distributed blockchain paradigm to power a remarkable range of applications. We not only use blockchain as a technology, but also as a strategy.

The Techbit Technologies Story

Techbit Technologies, established in 2016 and currently ranking among leading players in India, focuses on building blockchain solutions. Over the years, we pushed blockchain innovation across the world through continuous research and building applications for enterprises. We strive hard to create synergies between multiple technologies and we utilize them in the best way possible to create technologically advanced solutions for our global clients.

Pioneering blockchain solutions in India, we provide business solutions for our clients by leveraging on blockchain technology’s decentralized and immutable nature. Technology is the cornerstone of our expertise and we invest heavily in growing our talent pool and methodologies to match increasing global demand. Our team comprises of software engineers, business developers, marketing experts, management consultants and blockchain experts who are armed with an applied knowledge of developing decentralized cryptocurrency applications and smart contracts.

We drive innovation and strive for excellence in building relationships with our clients by providing them with solutions that can solve real business problems, which are the same time simple to adopt and seamless to implement. We have successfully developed more than 300 solutions for our clients in different industries, all around the globe. We are strategically positioned as a leading global decentralized application development company.



We aspire to be the fastest growing, most innovative technology company that creates value for all our customers. We foster a culture that is valued-based, result-driven and process-oriented. Our culture is driven by our core values that drive us to act with integrity and honesty. We envision our team to take leadership and ownership of each task they do. Our teamwork and revolutionary solutions drive us closer to achieving significant accolades and milestones.


Techbit Values

Client Commitment

We value relationships and work towards achieving growth for our clients


We believe in delivering quality in both solutions and service


Success comes with working together towards achieving a common goal


Integrity is of utmost importance and we stand by our promises in any situation.

Our Team


Our seasoned management team and more than 30 ingenious blockchain professionals, focus on offering technologically advanced market-leading services that tremendously increase business efficiencies for all our clients. Our blockchain experts and consultants are able to identify business problems and recommend cost-effective viable solutions.

Management Team

Technology Team

Lincolin Kuke

Network Security Specialist

Anand Jupta

Developer Teamlead

Andy Chenko

Blockchain Architect

Victor Donavan

Senior Developer

Cheryl Penelope

UI / UX Designer

Doleg Marok

Front End Developer

Saanvi Vedhika

C+ Developer Specialist

Marcus Anthony

Anti-Virus Developer Specialist


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is transforming the landscape of digital information in terms of data collection and preservation. Blockchain eliminates the need for a reconciliation of transactions. Decentralized cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology have found their way into changing the way transactions are done, creating an online economy. Decentralization is the future of technology, the widespread creation of blockchain backed applications are inevitable.

Businesses are starting to show increasing interest in cryptocurrency and ICO developments, leading to a growing demand in cryptocurrencies and blockchain development expertise. Here at Techbit Technologies, our vast and multi-disciplinary competencies give us an edge in constructing state-of-the-art mobile and web-based blockchain solutions that enhance content distribution through a highly secured network.

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